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WORKSHOP - The Human process surrounding change français
More and more companies require their employees and managers to increased quality control of products and services which they deliver.
Managers searching for results will have to provide themselves with ways and tools to ensure organization, quality, competitiveness and success increase at time of the definition, the design, the development and the installation of change projects in the company.
The information provided during the workshop is intended:
For Business Executives or Government Agency Heads and Managers who wishes to know more on Change Management.
For small and medium-sized companies which, to increase their sales’ turnovers, must export their services and products.
For Employees who wants to prepare for the transition.
For companies which, want to transmit as much to their employees then to their directors management change examples in business.
To people such as Managers and Civil’s Servant interested in the phenomenon of Change Management.
The workshops, trainings and talks are the result of a four-year project called Project Tomorrow
During the four-year period, we followed more than 500 trainees, aged from 16 to 72 challenging change in their life during which, they had to deal with both professional and personal tremendous changes.
The trainees were form colleges and reinsertion programs in administration and computer science. 
Many of the questions, reflections, and answers presented during the program are issued from our findings during this period.
We have also drawn from thirty years of international experience gathered from our change and transition management consulting services.

The Human process surrounding change
Here are some questions and reflections examples discussed:
an I keep an open mind?
Can I think positively?
What about a plan for change?
How can I become a great Communicator?
Do I need to surround myself with people better than myself?
Is success an accident?
Should I be sensitive to other people's feelings?
Can I develop effective listening skills?
Do men and women communicate differently?
What about a goals-setting methodology?
How can I influence others?
How can I be a leader?
How can I deal with negative people?
How can I deal with people who always complain?
How can I improve my change management skills?
How do I ask a question intelligently?
How can I handle people who are angry with me?
What can I do to resolve a disagreement?
How can I learn about other cultures?
Can I improve my personal integrity?
Am I suffering from depression?
How can I think outside of the box?
How can I think clearly and logically under pressure?
How can I get more motivation and satisfaction in the workplace?
Can I get the collaboration of others?

All tailored on request:
Companies, governmental organizations, the health sector
Chambers of Commerce, professional associations.
Public version
Customized version
The public version provides a more general approach may include some confidential discussions.
A customized version to customer demand is available. An interview of one (1) hour is planned to collect the characteristics, all in confidentiality.

Germain Decelles During his interventions, in a fun and yet rewarding way, informs us about the challenges when we face uncertainties caused by changes. Among other things, he points us towards one of the ways to get there; advocate the urgency of the situation.
Whether the change is organizational or personal, he offers tips and tricks, so you can discover new possibilities for adaptations thus lead your people towards an easier transition.

During his interactions, Germain encourages people to be creative, to rely on their talent, to think outside the traditional structures to bring about positive and productive results for the cause immediately.

The lessons learned can be applied to many types of organizations that are undergoing rapid and discontinuous change.
He can provide your organization with the knowledge necessary to meet immediate and future changes. In addition, Germain will share with you over thirty years of experience, to take full advantage of the changes and thus revolutionizing and even dominate your industry.
Speaker, writer and business advisor with a unique niche in the change management field. Germain Decelles will share with you is experiences, and highly innovative ideas from is latest original book; Change Your Future, Now!

TALK TO THE PROGRAM LEADER                                          BEFORE YOU REGISTER
To reserve and make your payment please forward to us in an email your intention of taking part in our next workshop. On reception of this email one of our advisers will communicate with you. 
If you have questions with the suitability of this program for your purposes, don’t hesitate to call Germain Decelles directly at:           514/ 575-3427

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